We're Pleased to Announce the Loganix Scholarship

Mar 11

We're Pleased to Announce the Loganix Scholarship

Here is an opportunity to help your furry friends while financing your education. For our first scholarship, we will be teaming up with an animal shelter in Vancouver. They do great work giving animals homes, but it's also important to draw attention to the conditions that many animals face, and that's how you can help. Participants are being asked to create a infographic that draws attention to an issue involved with animal rights.

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Keeping a Healthy Weight For a Pet Is Easy To Do

Mar 15

Keeping a Healthy Weight For a Pet Is Easy To Do

There will always be a need to maintain a healthy weight for any pet in the house. Pets can be at risk of obesity just like people. In fact, pets who are lean and healthy will live for several years longer than those that are not all that healthy. The need to keep a healthy weight for any particular pet is important and it should not be too hard for a typical person to get it up and running when all is said and done.

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Dental Care Is Critical For Today’s Pets

Apr 19

Dental Care Is Critical For Today’s Pets

Many people don’t think about dental care when it comes to taking care of their pets but the fact is that it is important for all pet owners to discover. The problem with many pets is that they can suffer from dental issues over time.

Pets have been known to show all sorts of problems relating to their teeth and many of these go beyond the teeth become discolored. The teeth can also become loose and painful to some, thus making it harder for some pets to want to eat the foods that they are supposed to be taking in on a regular basis.

In addition, abscesses can occur in some of the worst cases. These abscesses can cause pets to have teeth that wear out and gums that will become sore and loose over time.

Fortunately, several things can be done with regards to a pet’s dental care. The right ideas should be used in order to get any pet a better chance with having healthy teeth.

Brushing Always Works

It helps to brush your pet’s teeth once or twice over the course of a week. You can use a formulated toothpaste and finger-based brush to take care of your pet’s teeth in order to loosen up bacteria and other components. A good toothpaste can also be rinsed out with care but most options will be non-toxic and safe for use.

A good pet toothbrush can also work well. You need to make sure a pet-specific brush that is curved to fit around a pet’s teeth are adjusted with care. If you tried to use a traditional human toothbrush on a pet then you will not get access to all the key points of a pet’s mouth.

Dental Treats Also Work

Dental treats are good to add to a pet’s regimen on occasion. These are products that contain compounds that promote the growth of healthy tissues around the teeth. In addition, they will contain more nutrients that will strengthen the roots around those teeth and will allow jaw and gum muscles to develop thanks to the effort required in getting these treats broken down over time.

Of course, this will work best if these are products that are safe to offer. Make sure they contain the proper compounds that are safe for a pet to have without putting the pet at risk of serious dental health problems.

Always Have Dental Visits

Make sure your pet visits a veterinarian every year. A veterinarian can offer dental cleanings to help take care of some of the most difficult or challenging parts of one’s teeth. The best services will especially take care of the deepest issues around the teeth and will not be too hard for a typical pet to use and benefit from.

Dental care should be used properly when it comes to giving your pet the best teeth possible. If you are careful with whatever you are doing then you will be more likely to give your pet teeth that are appealing and attractive with a great shine while keeping all of those teeth as sturdy as possible.

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A Few Standards For Switching Pet Food

Apr 02

A Few Standards For Switching Pet Food

While it is true that you can switch your pet’s food for dietary or budgetary purposes, you cannot just go and move from one food to another right away. It might be a challenge to get your pet to stick with a brand new food right then and there. Fortunately, you can use a few steps in order to switch from one food to another. It can take a few weeks for you to switch from one to the next but it will be worthwhile.

This is especially critical when you are moving from a puppy formula to an adult dog formula. Different foods will have to be checked to ensure that they are safe to feed to your pet and that it is something that your pet will actually want to enjoy.

Portion the New Foods

The first part of making it work is to get some parts of the new food into your pet’s diet for a few days. For instance, you might want to get about a quarter of your pet’s food to contain the new stuff you want to feed while the rest can include whatever you are already feeding to your pet. This portion will be enough to give the pet an idea of what will be expected in the future. In particular, this can be mixed properly before it is fed to ensure that the texture is healthy and easy to enjoy.

Getting Halfway Done

You should get a half-and-half mixture going after three or four days. This is where half of the food will contain the new food that you are trying to transition your pet off to. If you use this half-and-half mixture then the pet will begin to notice the new food and will feel more comfortable with it. Always keep this measured well to give off a better feeling that is relaxing for all to explore.

Wait a Bit for the Next Step

You should then get the mixture to where three-quarters of what you are feeding consists of the new food. If you get this total ready after three to four more days of half-and-half portions then your pet will certainly move towards the new food. The odds of the pet snubbing whatever you are offering will be minimal at this point.

When To Eliminate the Old Stuff

The final step is to eliminate the old food at the end of it all. After three days of a three-quarter format, you will have to make it so the food you are feeding contains nothing but the new stuff that you want your pet to eat. You will need to use this standard with care so the pet will feel happy.

You must make sure that you are aware of what you are doing when switching pet food products from one to the next. You need to be certain that you are aware of what you will do when getting your pet to feel happy with the food that you are serving. You cannot just go and move the pet to a new food altogether; you simply have to adjust your plans with care.

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Looking For Dog Training Videos on YouTube? Use a Few Ideas First

Aug 31

Looking For Dog Training Videos on YouTube? Use a Few Ideas First

You can find loads of dog training videos on YouTube. There are plenty of people out there who want to help you learn how to take care of your dog and get it to follow your commands. However, this competition means that there are loads of odds and ends to look for.

You have to be careful when finding dog training videos on YouTube. While many of them are legitimate videos, some are from people who don’t know fetching from sitting.

How Many Videos Does a Person Have?

Sometimes the best dog trainers are ones who have loads of videos to work with. These include hundreds of videos on topics ranging from bathroom training to fetching to getting the dog to stop barking at night. These videos can be really interesting and anyone who works with more of these videos could be someone who really knows one’s ways around taking care of dogs the right way. If you look around a trainer’s library and see that there are loads of videos out there then you might really find someone that you can trust in.

How Does the Trainer Work?

A good trainer is one that is clear and careful with the dog and is not harsh or difficult. The trainer must be polite and understand the psychology of dogs in order to have a much easier time with plans to take care of the dog.

How Are the Videos Paced?

Think about how a dog trainer paces the videos. A great video will show the trainer as he or she introduces a command to the dog and how the dog will eventually listen to the master over time. This includes the use of a progressive approach to figuring out how to manage the dog’s behavior. The approach can be smart and easy to follow if used right and with real care and attention for the dog. You will also get an idea of how the dog learns and what you have to do in order to make that dog want to listen to you in the first place. This information can certainly go a long way in the training process.

Is the Channel Popular?

You can easily find many different dog trainers out there who are dedicated to working with all kinds of dogs but you need to see how popular some of these trainers might be. Some trainers will purchase YouTube views from a Great Company but others will simply build upon their view counts by offering knowledgeable and easy to understand videos while also interacting with those who have questions. This is not to say that they can’t purchase YouTube views either. Still, it is a sensible concept that is worth exploring for any purpose.

No two dog trainers are ever truly alike. The same can be said for dog trainers that are on YouTube. Be certain when you are looking for good YouTube videos about dog trainers that you understand whatever it is you are going after. If you can find the best videos out there then you will certainly have a great online partner for your dog training needs.

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Cleaning Pet Stains From Carpets Isn’t Much Of a Hassle

Jun 30

Cleaning Pet Stains From Carpets Isn’t Much Of a Hassle

While you might love your pet, you might often bear with issues relating to pet stains. Pet stains can easily show up in carpets. In most cases these are totally accidental.

You should not be upset with your pet if a stain happens. It is not as though that pet was able to control the issue. Rather, you should simply take the right measures to clean a pet stain off of a carpet.

Many carpet cleaning Dublin service providers have worked with different pet stain cleaning processes over the years and today many of these carpet cleaning Dublin services have got all sorts of fine solutions for people to take advantage of. All people who want to find ways to get their carpets cleaned off should see how these stains can be managed as needed.

Soak Up the Material

It is critical to soak up as much of the stain as possible before treating it. This should make the cleaning process easier to manage as there will be fewer items to clear out. It will allow the freshest parts of the stain to be cleared out so it will not be likely to settle in over time. If you can do this as soon as possible then it should be rather easy for you to get more of an item out of the way so it will not be much of a threat for you to bear with.

Use a Wet Vacuum

A wet vacuum that uses hot water extraction processes can help you to loosen up the stain and remove it over time. This may be paired with an odor neutralizing cleaner to make sure that the stain is cleared and the odor from that stain is also removed.

It works best to use a wet vacuum but if you don’t have one then you can always rent one. Many supermarkets these days have their own rental spots for such cleaners.

Also, make sure that it does not generate steam. If it generates steam then the stain might end up fitting into your space and could be a real threat to the quality of your surface if it is not treated the right way.

Always Use Water or Organic Materials

The key is to use water to get the stain out or at least an organic pet stain cleaner. Heavy chemicals can cause a stain to set in and be harder to clear out. A safer organic solution will be the best thing for you to add to your carpet so it will be cleaned off as well as possible.

When In Doubt…

If you are uncertain as to what to do with your stain then you could always contact a professional cleaner to help you out. Carpet cleaning companies in Dublin and elsewhere can be very experienced with regards to taking care of such stains and may be of use to you when it comes to clearing old items out of your home.

Cleaning pet stains does not have to be much of a threat or issue to bear with if you are aware of what you can do. The right materials can always help you out with cleaning out such stains.

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